Citizen Science: From Soil to Sky


Learn how to understand your soil and explore global environmental soil issues by becoming a citizen scientist.

Become a citizen scientist and help improve your soil and the environment

Where can you find all sorts of useful and important information about your environment? You might be surprised to know it’s beneath your feet, in the soil. On this course you will discover interesting things about your own soil and become part of the new GROW Citizen Observatory European-wide community. You will collaborate with other growers and scientists to discover the impact global soil practices have on major issues like the environment and food growing.

Now is the time to make a difference, join us, improve your soil and become a citizen scientist!

What topics will you cover?

  • Citizen Science and Fieldwork
  • Soils, Growing Sites and Plant Health
  • Climate, Temperature and Moisture
  • Landscape Representivity and Cover
  • Soil Components
  • Global Challenges for Soil
  • Regenerative Techniques
  • Landscape Ecosystems
  • The GROW Observatory


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